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Review of Adolescent Friendly Health Services Implementation Guidelines

MOH Participants reviewing the Adolescent Friendly Health Services Implementation Guidelines and service standards, November 2017 Entebbe, Uganda.

The AFENET-Ministry of Health (Uganda CoAg) conducted a review and update of Adolescent Friendly Health Services Implementation Guidelines and service standards with emerging and tested evidence from key pilot projects targeting adolescents implemented over the last 5 years in Uganda. The five day meeting was held from 13 – 17 November 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda.

The overall purpose of the Policy and Adolescent-Friendly Service standards is to guide Stakeholders, Program Officers and service providers on the criteria they will closely follow as they set up or scale up these services.

According to the report, one in every four Ugandans (23.3%) is an adolescent and one in every three (37.4%) is defined as a young person.  The guidelines state that adolescents should be able to access promotive, preventive and curative health services relevant to their stage of maturation and life circumstances. Some of the factors sighted that prevent adolescents from using these services are: long waiting time, long queues, and poor quality of services among others. The goal of the adolescent sexual and reproductive health policy is to mainstream adolescent health concerns in the national development process in order to improve their quality of life and standards of living.

The focus of the Ministry of Health is to encourage all stakeholders in adolescent health to use this guidance widely to improve programming, quality of care in both clinical and community settings including schools. The document will also be beneficial to tertiary institutions of education of all categories. This is a landmark in the improvement of health and development of young people in Uganda. The review team comprised of Ministry of Health Staff under the Aids Control Program led by Ms Juliet Cherotich- Project Officer- AFENET-Ministry of Health (Uganda CoAg) project. The AFENET-Ministry of Health (Uganda CoAg) projects aims to strengthen the MoH capacity to execute its essential public health functions through provision of technical assistance, public health workforce development, and institutional capacity building.