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Kenya FELTP Publishes Supplement in PAMJ

The Kenya Field Epidemiology Network (Kenya FELTP) published twelve articles on its operational research and programmatic activities carried out by its residents as a supplement in the Pan African Medical Journal (PAMJ) On 6 November 2017.

The supplement titled “Kenya Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program; Strengthening Public Health Systems through Experiential Training and Operational Research” is the first supplement from the Kenya FELTP.

AFENET  has supported the publishing of supplements covering topics such as One Health, maternal health, and disease surveillance among other public health programmatic. The Kenya FELTP supplement is the sixth program supplement published in PAMJ. The Kenya FELTP supplement continues AFENET’S efforts to promote publication and dissemination of public health activities carried by the network’s members throughout the African continent.  Some of the supplement  guest editors incude: Dr. Zeinab Gura, Dr. Jane Githuku, and Dr. Sara Lowther.


The supplement can be viewed at: