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Anthrax Outbreak investigation Nzoka Ward Songwe Region, Tanzania

Two Cohort X residents: Sia Temu and Henry Kisinga under the supervision of the One Health Cooordinator, Jubille Minja, investigated an outbreak of Anthrax in Nzoka ward Songwe region, Tanzania from 10 December 2018 - 5 January 2019. The investigation followed a notification from the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children of the suspected case.

The disease affected both humans and animals. The human cases developed the illness after consumption of caucus from a dead cow. The reported cases presented with (itchy bump resembling an insect bite development of painless sore with a black center) ulceration, inflamed and oedematous part of the skin. As of 07 January 2019, a total of 81 cases and 4 deaths (case fatality rate=5%). In addition to human deaths 16 cows had been reported dead.