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Kenya FELTP Residents play key roles in rapid response towards COVID-19

Kenya recorded the first corona virus disease (COVID-19) case on March 13, 2020. The Kenya Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (Kenya FELTP) was called upon by the Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (PHEOC) to assist with response activities aimed at containing the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Both the Rapid Response Team (RRT) and the PHEOC) are headed by Kenya FELTP graduates.

By June 15, 2020, the Kenya FELTP residents and graduates had taken part in:

  • Responding to 564 alerts raised on suspected cases and contacts of confirmed cases within Nairobi and other counties by moving to their physical location, collecting the relevant data on the same and collecting their samples for testing in the labs.
  • Giving health education and carrying out risk assessment on the suspected case families.
  • Preparation of 90 Situation Reports (SITREPS) for onward submission to the Incident Commander and the national task force on COVID-19.
  • Training of health care workers in 20 high risk counties on rapid response activities including use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Establishing and capacity building of rapid response teams at the county and sub county level; so far, the program has assisted 11 counties in setting up incident command structures