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FETPS are playing a critical role in the COVID-19 pandemic response

A two-day East African Field Epidemiology Training Programs online conference on COVID-19 Response started today 18 November with the Director of AFENET commending FETPs for working to bridge the knowledge gap for the COVID-19 pandemic response in the region. The conference brings together FETPs in East and Horn of Africa to share their work and experience related to the COVID -19 response.

Speaking at the start of this virtual conference, the AFENET Director, Dr Simon Antara said the knowledge being shared at the conference would go a long way towards informing policy decisions.

“From the list of topics to be presented you have done a lot of work to support close the knowledge gaps in this response and to provide for a more pointed approach in the response,” said Dr Antara. He thanked the residents, resident advisors, mentors, and the entire FETP faculty for their great efforts and resilience in the pandemic response.  He noted that the use of evidence is extremely important for effecting a valid, effective and efficient public health response.

Dr Antara said the COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes yet again the need for a competent public health workforce imbued with the right knowledge, the right skills and the right attitude to deliver the right responses.  Noting the critical roles FETPs are playing in all pillars of the pandemic response he said “FETPs are a great gift to the global public health community and we must cherish and nurture them."