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Building Capacity through Human Resource Recruitment

AFENET has seen growth in supporting capacity building activities both on the African continent and elsewhere including the Caribbean Countries.

The growth has led to recruitment into support activities, projects and Country Programmes with nearly over 1,500 personnel under various activities; these activities have ranged from Public Health issues among the many; Field Epidemiology Laboratory and Training and Programs (FELTPs) have handled capacity building activities to support Laboratories Accreditation activities, HIV, Immunization activities for Polio, One Health, plus other Public Health challenges and currently COVID 19.

Currently AFENET has over 700 active support personnel in all activities on the African Continent and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands. 

AFENET has supported these campaigns through on boarding of the Human resources’ requests, managing these staff as well as overseeing their realization of the intended goals for the respective Programs. AFENET has:

  • Managed the Laboratory Support activities in Africa since 2000 to date with staff in Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Managed the transition of QED personnel into AFENET 2016 and up to today we are managing the FETP Frontline activities in various countries in the Network.
  • Continue to support recruitment of personnel who support FETP capacity building activities on the Africa continent. This includes overseeing recruitment and personnel deployments into several frontline, Intermediate and Advanced FETP’s since 2016.
  • Oversaw the recruitment of Regular personnel & over 50 Mentees under the EPI South Sudan program 2016- to date.
  • Championed the MoH CoAg recruitments. Under this program, the Direct MoH CoAg had over 15 positions while the seconded CPHL CoAg/Indirect CoAg had over 85 Laboratory personnel who were contracted and managed by AFENET between 2017 to 2019
  • Coordinated various recruitments of over 10 staff for the PHEOC based at the MoH Uganda
  • Effective 2017, AFENET has been part of the Capacity building effort for the Africa CDC activities personnel recruitment for now positions in the ranges of 60 personnel both at the AU/ACDC HQ and in the Africa CDC Regional Collaborative Centers (RCCs)
  • Supported the contracting and management of over WHO supported 50 GPEI consultants deployed to various countries within Africa effective 2020 and are continuing to manage these staff.
  • Successfully managed and contracted over 100 COVID 19 responders under the ACDC COVID Response Campaign on the continent in 2020.
  • Inaugurated and staffed new FETP countries like Namibia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Djibouti and others in 2021.
  • Overseeing the multi-million dollar COVID 19 Vaccine roll-out campaign supported by the MasterCard Foundation under the Saving Lives and Livelihoods (SLL Program which directly involves personnel recruitment and deployment across various ACDC RCCs & HQ (2021)

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