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Zambia Civil Registry Vital Statistics – Immunization Project

The goal of this project is to provide technical assistance to support the development of functional standards for immunization information systems or immunization registries globally and country specific in Zambia.

Why civil registration and vital statistics systems matter?

Decision-makers depend on sound and timely statistics for policy development, and for programme monitoring and evaluation. Reliable vital statistics on the numbers and distribution of births and deaths – and including causes of death – are needed to inform social and economic planning across both public and private sectors. These sectors include health, education, labour and employment, urban planning, finance and economic development, industry and trade, social insurance, environment and population. The health sector has a particularly strong need for functional CRVS systems.

Tracking the progress of strategies to reduce the levels of child, maternal and disease-specific mortality and to address inequalities in all these areas requires reliable, continuous and timely data on age- and cause-specific mortality. Similarly, monitoring the spread and distribution of non - communicable diseases – a growing epidemic in Asia and the Pacific, and other developing regions – can only be achieved with reliable vital registration systems that count all deaths and reliably certify their causes.

The most effective and efficient source of reliable vital statistics is a civil registration system that covers the whole population, and that generates statistics on a continuing basis. However, many countries cannot draw upon a reliable and continuous flow of accurate vital statistics because their CRVS systems are weak or dysfunctional. Interest in strengthening CRVS has recently accelerated, with a number of global and regional initiatives being led by development institutions in partnership with nongovernmental organizations, academia and the donor community. Countries are increasingly taking action to strengthen their CRVS systems. 

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