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 Background and scope of the M&E portfolio

The Monitoring and Evaluation sub-unit was set up in August 2015 with the recruitment of the two staff currently manning it. The major functions of the sub-unit are listed below:

1. Lead the design and implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation framework for the AFENET strategic plan by establishing a robust Monitoring,Evaluation and Reporting (MER) system in support of results-based performance measurement system that responds to the Strategic Information needs of AFENET as an organization and other stakeholders but also enables compliance with the United States Government (USG) and other donor rules.

2. Manage the development of a robust electronic data management system or information hub for AFENET data from all project activities and spearhead data    management, including generating periodic progress reports. 

3. Streamline data collection and reporting by designing standard data collection tools for AFENET M&E processes and activities and train staff and partners in their use in monitoring progress towards achievement of project and organizational targets and outputs.

4. Train AFENET project teams and partners to understand donor, organizational and project M&E requirements and procedures including defining objectives, indicators, definitions and targets.

5. Participate in proposal writing and provide M&E input into project proposals and AFENET applications for funding

6. Undertake M&E related studies including baseline assessments, annual impact assessments, mid-term and terminal evaluations of all AFENET projects.

7. Perform data quality and record keeping audits for AFENET Programs for quality assurance assessment purposes.

8. Maintain an updated filing system for all Program/ CoAg and project reports and all information pertaining to M&E.

9. Contribute to writing of AFENET reports (annual reports, project reports, evaluation reports, activity reports) and other IEC materials for instance success stories. 

10. Guide Program/project staff and partners in developing, updating and implementing annual M&E work plans.


1. Coordinated and supported the drafting of the end term evaluation of the AFENET strategic plan 2010 – 2016 and the formulation of the 2017 – 2021 strategic plan. Final drafts available.

2. Drafted the AFENET M&E plan that will be finalized once the 2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan is finalized. It will be the basis for tracking organizational performance towards achievement of strategic objectives.

3. Supported and contributed to the drafting of the end of Networking CoAg (2010 – 2015) report; and the Laboratory CoAg (2010 – 2016) report. Compiled other CoAg (Networking, Polio) quarterly reports and continuation applications.

4. Supported the conceptualization, design and implementation of the Laboratory CoAg terminal evaluation November 2016 – June 2017.

5. Provided M&E input to the grants team to draft funding proposals.

6. Designed templates for capturing data in various forms: success story template, trip report template; event attendance sheet template, FELTP program report template. 

7. Provided the AFENET 6th Scientific Conference with M&E support; including working as part of the scientific committee to coordinate evaluation of presentations; and designed and conducted conference evaluation. 

8. Coordinated and facilitated the pre- AFENET 6th Scientific conference M&E workshop. The title of the workshop was “Building High Quality Approaches to Monitor and Evaluate Projects to Inform Funding Decisions.” The workshop was attended by 35 participants.

9. Provided support to annual AFENET report 2016.


1. Limited of funding dedicated for M&E activities

2. Manual data collection and collation

 Contact the M&E Team:

AFENET secretariat Lead M&E Officer- Humphrey Kabugo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

M&E Officer in charge of Polio CoAg- Olivia Bbombokka: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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