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Mozambique FETP plans to have frontline epidemiologists in all Nampula province’s 23 districts

If all goes according to plan, the 18 districts and five municipalities of Mozambique’s Nampula Province will each soon have a frontline field epidemiology graduate.

The Mozambique Field Epidemiology Training Program (Moz-FETP) working with the Ministry of Health through the National Institute of Health (INS) envisages that this will improve the use of surveillance data for public health decision-making, conduct more frequent case and outbreak investigations, and a stronger culture of data-driven decision making.

This as the country has recently completed the first workshop of the 3rd cohort of the frontline field epidemiology training program from 18 - 22 April 2022 in Nampula Province, in the north.

According to a report on the training, the residents will immediately apply their acquired knowledge by carrying out two fieldwork projects: A summary analysis of surveillance data and data quality audit at their workplace.

“The practical aspects of the taught materials will be implemented in the field by the trainees at their workplaces under the supervision of mentors,” the report reads in part. “They [residents] will produce two field projects, one on a summary analysis of epidemiological surveillance data from the past three weeks and another on a data quality audit. Feedback from the participants' fieldwork will be effective in workshop 2 to be held May 23-27, 2022.”

The figure below illustrates the progress of the frontline field epidemiology training program since its launch of the first cohort in August 2021. However, during the first cohort there was one dropout due to illness, with 11 participants, corresponding to 92%. Current enrolment of the third cohort has 14 district surveillance technicians.

 Mozambique to saturate frontline in 23 districts of Nampula Province

Figure 1: MOZ-FETP Frontline Program Progress, June 2021 - April 2022