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Board of Directors Orientation in Kampala

AFENET Board of Directors and subcommittee members participated in an orientation meeting from 19 – 22 February 2018 in Kampala, Uganda. The meeting, chaired by the AFENET Board Chair – Prof Tshimanga Mufuta, was combined with a Board of Directors meeting to discuss the progress of the network as well as history of AFENET Board operations. AFENET Executive Director, Dr Chima Ohuabunwo gave an overview of AFENET operations and an introduction to office of the Executive Director. The Executive Director made a presentation on the Strategic Information and Institutional Development, AFENET Corps of Disease Detectives (ACoDD), Communication Publications and Corporate Relations (CPCR).

The team reviewed AFENET memorandum and articles of association, presentation on governance principles as well as presentations from various departments led by Mr. Tanui Christopher for Administration: Dr Simon Antara for Programs, Mrs Barungi Kiggundu for finance and Mr Muchengeti Bwakura for Internal Audit & Risk Management.

 The team had a visit to the Uganda National Institute of Public Health (UNIPH), Ministry of Health where they were welcomed by Dr Alex Riolexus Ario, the Ag. Director and Dr Olivia Namusisi, Regional Technical Advisor AFENET. The team also met Dr Godfrey Kayita, Senior Project Coordinator MOH CoAg and Mr Simon Kyazze, Operations/GIS Officer.

Dr. Ario gave a brief about the UNIPH focusing majorly on two components i.e. Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHEOC) and Uganda Public Health Fellowship Program (PHFP). Dr Ario explained how the two components operate in the coordination and epidemiological investigation of outbreaks which has greatly improved response to public health emergencies in the country. Dr Kayita guided the team to the MoH CoAg offices which oversees the Ministry of Health public health response on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Health Information and Laboratory services which is seated on the same building as the EOC. Through AFENET, CDC supports over 100 staff under the MOH CoAg to support HIV, TB, Health information and Laboratory services at the Ministry of Health headquarters. They also provide support for vital public health activities of policy development, capacity building, mentoring and supervision at national and regional level.