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Angola Cohort II,III, and IV Academic Activities

Dr Edson Alfredo mestrando Cohort II resident at the monthly meeting in July 2016
Cohort II – Cohort II (second group) residents are currently preparing their dissertation for public defense.
Cohort III – Cohort III (Group three) attended the advanced module of Epidemiology and Laboratory Management in Public Health
Cohort IV – Cohort IV residents (Group IV) resumed academic activities on 28 March 2016 and are attending the Maternal and Child Health module.

Field Placements
Cohort II residents took part in  a monthly meetingOn 26 July 2016. During the meeting residents made presentations as shown in the table below. 

Guests and Cohort II residents at the monthly meeting in July 2016
Guests and Cohort II residents at the monthly meeting in July 2016

Cohort II presentation Titles present at the monthly meeting in July 2016

Dr. Albertina Cardoso Vibrio cholerae surveillance in water, hydro-biological foods and vegetables, Luanda, 2015-2016
Dr. Claudete Samutondo Efficacy and safety of Artemether Lumefantrine, Artesunate Amodiaquine and Dihidroartimisina Piperaquine in malaria Treatment not complicada in three provices of Angola 2015
Dr. Joaquina Cambuta Epidemiologic Profile and the burden of Human Rabies, lUANDA, 2011-2015
Dr. Raidel de Jesus Epidemiological Profile of Rubella in Angola, 2001 - 2015
Dr. Edson Mayer Changes Pap smear women who did the CCU screening at the National Institute of Cancer Control, 2014-2015
Dra. Maria do Rosário Marques Social Factors- Cultural, sexual and reproductive health of women in the PMTCT Program in Luanda. What has changed with the HIV Status