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Uganda Polio Surveillance Project: NSTOP field teams Conduct Active Search for Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) in Refuge hosting districts, Uganda

On the November 25, 2019 AFENET deployed 30 National Stop Transmission of Polio (NSTOP) members to districts hosting Somali and Congolese migrant populations in Uganda. Somalia and the DRC have a high burden of circulating Vaccine Derived Polio Viruses (cVDPVs) and contribute significantly to the migrant populations in Uganda risking importation of cVDPVs. The Uganda Polio Outbreak Response project started off in August 2019 with the objective of strengthening AFP/polio events. 

Six districts hosting Somalis and Congolese urban migrants were mapped and have been prioritized for the project. This is the third deployment of the NSTOP teams to the target districts.  During the deployments, teams conduct AFP active search through health facility visits and reviewing records, provide mentorship of health workers in VPDs surveillance with a focus on AFP, measles, Rubella and Neonatal tetanus.  They in addition support community based disease surveillance through sensitization of Village health teams, community leaders, mobilisers or informers and caretakers of children under 15 years of age so as to build their confidence in the detection and notification of potential AFP cases for further investigation by the health system.