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FETP 40th Anniversary: Dr Antara shares his reflections on the program

40 years ago, the US Centers for Disease Control helped establish Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) throughout the world, with now over 18,000 trained disease detectives in over 80 countries. FETP highlights CDC’s commitment to creating a sustainable public health workforce capable of supporting countries’ abilities to prevent, detect, and respond to disease threats including outbreaks like the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic. The growth of FETP since its inception has also contributed to the improvements in disease detection and response worldwide, ultimately helping stop the spread of disease.

As one of the ways to commemorate the 40th FETP anniversary, some of the thousands of beneficiaries who have gone through the program are sharing the reflections. Our Director Dr. Simon Nyovuura Antara features in the September stories sharing his experience on the program and what it is like networking FETPs in Africa. You can read the whole story published on this link