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EMBLEM is a case control study of 1,500 Burkhitt’s Lymphoma cases and 3,000 controls that is being conducted in East Africa to examine whether having one or more malaria-resistant single nucleotide proteins (SNPs) protects against Burkhitt’s Lymphoma.

Burkhitt’s Lymphoma is the most common childhood cancer in Equatorial Africa and malaria is the most widespread childhood exposure that is both treatable and preventable. Confirming the association between malaria and Burkhitt’s Lymphoma can suggest novel ways to prevent and possibly treat Burkhitt’s Lymphoma and offers a rare opportunity to gain insights in gene-environmental interactions that influence the geographic distribution of Burkhitt’s Lymphoma.

EMBLEM Objectives


  • Recruited and trained study staff in Lacor Hospital Established functional office and laboratory in Lacor Procured equipment and laboratory supplies Created awareness about the study in the community Developed study documents Conducted household census in three selected villages in three districts by Uganda Bureau of Statistics Screened 47 and enrolled 22 study subjects


For more information about EMBLEM visit the project website

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