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Epidemiology Bulletin- A tool for Management and Dissemination of Public Health Data Using Information Collected by the FETP Guinea Bissau

Funder: Vital Strategies

Project period: 15 December 2021 to 31 August 2022.


Guinea-Bissau uses the DHIS-2 platform with some limitations which hinder the analysis and systematization of health data, especially concerning public health emergencies. Additionally, the country still presents the need to improve the qualifications of its technical staff who perform daily surveillance activities. Despite technological advances, the National Institute of Health (INASA), a governmental agency linked to the country’s Ministry of Health which is responsible for collecting and analyzing epidemiological data, it does not have a website to make the information available under its management. Through this project, INASA will provide greater data transparency and accessibility to health professionals and the general population with updated information on the prevalence of common diseases and injuries in the country. Furthermore, they will support decision-making managers in the health sector and contribute towards the improvement of the country’s public health.


  • To create a digital epidemiological bulletin.

Expected outcome(s):

  • A digital epidemiological bulletin created
  • Trained professionals for the elaboration and sustainability of epidemiological bulletins for routine surveillance.
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