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The Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETP)s are applied epidemiology training programs offering a 2-year, full-time Master of Public Health degree aimed at building public health capacity of Network countries by developing, setting up, and implementing dynamic, and cost-effective public health strategies to improve and strengthen their public health systems.

Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programs (FELTPs) offer an added laboratory component, and currently, the Nigeria FELTP offers a veterinary component. The FETPs and FELTPs are headed by a Program Director with staff including a Resident Advisor and other staff from the collaborating university and ministries.

The programs are modeled after the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service, which monitors epidemic outbreaks and offers competence-based training to health staff. They are administrated through collaboration with the Ministries of Health in member countries and prominent universities .

The success of FELTPs attracts trainees from other countries in Africa and from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Oceania, and Japan. The success of these programs has precipitated demand for epidemiologists, laboratorians, and public health specialists trained through this model. This demand has crystallized into a resounding desire by many African countries to start their own programs.



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