Advancing routine immunization defaulter tracking in Luwero District, Uganda

Mr. Robinson Amanyiraho, the Project Coordinator of GEEKS, checking the Tickler Box system at Nyimbwa HCIV in Luwero during GEEKs project
Albert Besigye Tumusiime – UNEPI (center) reviewing registers at Nyimbwa HCIV in Luwero during GEEKs project
GEEKs team explaining the Tickler Box system to UNEPI officials at Nyimbwa HCIV, Luwero district

Fellows of the Growing Expertise in E-Health Knowledge and Skills (GEEKS) project have embarked on a transformative journey with the introduction of the Tickler Box system in June 2023. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to transform the identification, tracking, and linkage of under-immunized children in Luwero district, Uganda, addressing critical gaps in routine immunization follow-up across 10 health facilities. Spearheaded by Mr. Robinson Amanyiraho, the Project Coordinator of GEEKS, the Tickler Box system is a testament to the project’s commitment to innovation and impactful healthcare solutions.

The collaboration between GEEKS fellows and key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health EPI staff, Luwero district health team, and Village Health Teams, exemplifies the power of synergy in tackling complex healthcare challenges. Remarkably, within a span of six months, this collective effort successfully tracked 63.09% of 2,218 routine immunization defaulters.

Albert Besigye Tumusiime, Deputy Program Manager of the Uganda National Expanded Program on Immunization (UNEPI), and a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) specialist, actively participated in reviewing the progress, achievements, and challenges encountered by health workers utilizing the Tickler Box system for routine immunization defaulter tracking.

Health workers at Nyimbwa HCIV in Luwero district praised the effectiveness of the Tickler Box and the defaulter tracking register in comparison to relying solely on the child register. They highlighted the system’s user-friendly interface, making it significantly easier to monitor patients who miss their immunization appointments.

The Tickler Box system represents a remarkable leap forward in leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery. By streamlining routine immunization tracking, this innovation ensures a more proactive and targeted approach to reaching under-immunized children. The success achieved within a short timeframe underscores the potential for sustainable impact when dedicated professionals collaborate on pioneering solutions to address crucial healthcare challenges.

As these innovation warriors continue to refine and expand the application of the Tickler Box system, Luwero district stands as a beacon of progress in utilizing technology for the betterment of public health. The GEEKS project, under the adept leadership of Mr. Robinson Amanyiraho, sets an inspiring example of how collaborative efforts can drive positive change and usher in a new era of healthcare innovation.

In the words of the health workers at Nyimbwa HCIV, Luwero district, the Tickler Box system is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer, providing a tangible and effective solution for routine immunization tracking. As this initiative gains momentum, it reinforces the notion that innovation, when coupled with dedicated teamwork, has the power to transform healthcare landscapes and improve outcomes for communities in need.

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