Burundi FELTP graduates fourth frontline cohort of 19 health workers

Participants receive certificates at the Burundi FETP Cohort IV graduation on 12 December 2023

In a joyous celebration of dedication and achievement, the Burundi Field Epidemiology Training Program (FELTP) marked a significant milestone with the graduation of its fourth frontline cohort on December 12, 2023.

Nineteen committed health workers, equipped with essential skills to combat public health challenges, proudly walked the stage, signifying the successful completion of the rigorous FELTP program.

The graduation ceremony, a convergence of expertise and commitment, witnessed the presence of AFENET staff, graduates, and officials from the National Public Health Institute. The atmosphere was vibrant with a sense of achievement and collaboration as the graduates embarked on the next phase of their public health journeys.

Dr. Munekayi Padingani, the Resident Advisor of Burundi FELTP, underscored the program’s profound impact on strengthening epidemiological capacities in the region, emphasizing the critical role these graduates play in addressing complex public health challenges.

Prof. Joseph Nyandwi, Director General of the National Public Health Institute, represented the Ministry of Health, Burundi, and shared inspiring words about the graduates’ pivotal role in advancing public health initiatives. He commended their dedication and emphasized the importance of their contribution to the nation’s health landscape.

The Burundi FELTP continues to make significant strides in building a resilient and skilled public health workforce. By equipping professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge, the program contributes to a healthier and safer future for all.

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