DR Congo frontline FETP Cohort 23 completes workshop 2 in Kinshasa

Facilitator delivering the module on the investigation of the epidemic at C23 workshop 2, Vénus Village in Kinshasa on May 29, 2024

Democratic Republic of Congo has been implementing the advanced since 2013, the Frontline since 2016 and the Intermediate tiers of FETP in 2022 for her public health workforce. So far the program has graduated 7 cohorts in the advance FETP (136 graduates), 22 cohorts in the Frontline FETP (554 graduates) and one cohort in Intermediate FETP (10 graduates). The 23rd cohort of the Frontline FETP which began on February 5, 2024 held her second workshop at Village Venus Kinshasa from May 27 to 31, 2024.

This cohort was made up of 19 surveillance officers from the 15 Health Zones of the Kinshasa Provincial Health Division. The 17 participants comprise six zonal head physicians, three attending physicians and eight nurse supervisors, one of whom was from the Police Health Zone. Two participants were absent.

There were 12 males and 5 females, they presented and defended their fieldwork 1 tasks on data quality assessment and weekly data analysis to their facilitators and mentors. This cohort is expected to complete their hands-on training in July 2024 and continue to contribute to the strengthening of health security in DRC and beyond.

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