DRC FETP Frontline Cohort 19 Workshop 3 held in Sankuru

Restitution session of fieldwork 2 in workshop 3 by the Participants in the training room of the Emmaus Welcome Center from August 04 to 07, 2023

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) Frontline Cohort 19 held its third workshop at the Emmaüs Reception Center, Tshumbe, from 4 – 7 August 2023.

All participants were from the Division Provinciale de la Santé (DPS) of Sankuru, including 17 from the health zones, and one each from the DPS, the animal and the environment and sustainable development sectors.

The cohort comprises 11 medical doctors, six nurses, one veterinary assistant, one laboratory technician, and one environmentalist. They each presented three field-based including epidemic investigation, analysis of public health problems and weekly epidemiological surveillance data to guide public health action.

Participants also shared success stories from investigations carried out by participants during fieldwork 2, such as measles outbreak investigations in the Health Zones of Bena Dibele, Omedjadi and Djalo Ndjeka health zones, M-pox outbreak investigation in Lomela and Kole Health Zoness, Cholera outbreak investigation in Lusambo health zone, AFP surveillance system analysis in Pania Mutombo health zone and Human African Trypanosomiasis surveillance data analysis in Wembo-Nyama health zone.

Each participant received comments and suggested edits from fellow participants and mentors with a view to improving the quality of the work, and these were incorporated by the participants into the final version of their work and forwarded to the respective health authorities for action.


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