Group Photo with NCD residents cohort3 and 4 and RAs and instructors
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Ethiopia FELTP conducts 1st workshop for Cohort III HIV track residents

The Ethiopia Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (EFELTP) held the first workshop from 17-19 May 2023 for Cohort III of the HIV track for residents who were enrolled at seven universities to attend EFELTP this year (2022/2023).

Aside from Cohort III HIV track residents, the workshop brought together, Academic Coordinators and Resident Advisors from Addis Ababa University, St. Paul Hospital and Millennium Medical College, Bahidar University, Gonder University, Jimma University, Haramaya University, Hawwassa University, and the Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI), making a total of 28 participants, 16 facilitators and trainers from EPHI, MOH, CDC Ethiopia and Universities.

According to Dr. Zegeye Hailemariam Tessema, the National EFELTP Coordinator, the workshop focused on HIV CBS surveillance, HIV epidemiology, National HIV program, Geospatial analysis, HIV health information system, indicators, Trend and Risk Analysis and HIV laboratory indicators for residents.

“Therefore, they are expected to develop standardized output from what they learned and acquainted from the workshop by engaging themselves in HIV program at their respective field bases,” he said. “Generally, residents (Cohort III HIV track residents) were equipped with knowledge needed to conduct HIV CBS surveillance data analysis using this workshop.”

This workshop was made possible by collaboration of MOH EFETP facilitators, EPHI, CDC Ethiopia. So we would like to appreciate their contribution for the successful realization of the workshop.

The HIV track was started in 2020 to carryout HIV surveillance data analysis, System evaluation and conduct HIV related research activities to strengthen HIV program.

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