Ongoing Projects

Liberia Health Security System Strengthening

Funder: Vital Strategies

Project period: 01 November 2021 to 31 October 2022.


The Joint External Evaluation (JEE), a comprehensive assessment of Liberia’s health security capacities, was first conducted in September 2016. A midterm JEE was then done in 2019 and an external JEE followed in 2021 to assess the Liberia National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS). Based on the JEE findings of 2021, WHO and partners agreed to put more focus on the NAPHS for the years moving forward. However, substantial gaps in financing and implementation remain. Resolve to Save Lives(RSTL) is providing assistance to NPHIL in putting together a proposal in integrating the surveillance system and in this way a record review is being conducted using the RTSL 7-1-7 of detect, report and respond. This proposal focuses on strengthening capacity for NAPHS implementation using the One Health approach amongst the general populace.


  • To oversee NAPHS/One Health Joint Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • To ensure operational support for NAPHS thematic/technical team meetings.
  • To ensure operational support for the 7-1-7 retrospective record review and integration into national planning.
  • To ensure operational support for NAPHS supportive supervision and field work at the county level.

Expected outcome(s):

  • Strengthened capacity for NAPHS implementation
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