Mozambique holds training for FETP supervisors to boost efficiency

The Mozambique Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) held a supervisor training from 19 – 23 June 2023. The training was facilitated by Dr.  Alexandre Macedo de Oliveira, Associate Director for Epidemiologic Science from NCIRD/CDC from Atlanta with support from the FETP Supervisors.

Dr. Macedo de Oliveira is an alumnus of the Epidemic Intelligent Service (EIS) and has worked in Mozambique before.

The training aimed at national capacity building, to advance the skills and competencies of prospective FETP supervisors to support the 3 tiers of FETP (Advanced, Intermediate, and Frontline) in Mozambique.  

A total of 16 participants attended the sessions which included plenty of practical activities. The training focused on effective supervisory skills, leadership, conflict management, personality assessment, scientific writing and review, mentorship tools, and adult learning.

The training was organized by the Resident Advisor, Erika Rossetto, to re-think the role of supervisors and share dos and don’ts accumulated over the years. Dr. Cynthia Semá Baltazar, the FETP Director, said: “We are confident this event will boost FETP supervisor’s and mentors’ competencies in the very short term.”   

Workgroup at the Mozambique FETP supervisors training, June 2023
Facilitators: Alexandre Macedo and Erika Rossetto (Resident Advisor)
Facilitators Faiza Salle and Alexandre Macedo at the Simulation of mentorship training during the Mozambique FETP supervisors training, June 2023
Participants at the Mozambique FETP supervisors training, June 2023
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