Zambia welcomes cohort 7 of the Advanced FETP

Zambia’s Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) has been instrumental in nurturing expertise in public health, since its establishment in 2014. Today, February 22, 2024, we proudly announce the commencement of the 7th Cohort of the Advanced FETP, marking another significant milestone in our journey of excellence.

This cohort represents a pivotal advancement in Zambia’s commitment to cultivating a cadre of proficient epidemiologists. Fifteen exceptional individuals have been chosen for this esteemed opportunity from a competitive pool of 496 applicants. This cohort embarks on a comprehensive six-month didactic training program, facilitated by two esteemed universities. Eight participants will undergo training at Levy Mwanawasa Medical University, while seven will benefit from the University of Zambia’s expertise.

The cohort comprises residents selected from a diverse mix of expertise, epitomizing collaborative efforts across sectors. They include eight medical doctors, five environmental health officers, one veterinary doctor, and one laboratory scientist from the Ministry of Defence, Health, Fisheries, and Livestock. Gender parity is evident, with eight males and seven females contributing their unique perspectives and talents to the cohort.

In his welcome address, Professor Roma Chilengi, Director General of the Zambia National Public Health Institute, extended a warm welcome to the incoming residents, stressing the importance of their role. Professor Chilengi urged them to prioritize service to humanity over personal interests, highlighting the program’s mission to cultivate effective field epidemiologists dedicated to safeguarding public health.

Professor Chilengi further emphasized the collaborative efforts between national and international partners in supporting Zambia’s investment in building a skilled epidemiological workforce. “By investing in the Advanced FETP, Zambia demonstrates its dedication to advancing public health leadership, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for its citizens.”

Dr. Nyambe Sinyange, Zambia FETP Director, emphasized that upon completion of training by Cohort 6 and 7, the total number of Advanced FETP graduates in the country would have reached 74, edging closer to the country’s target of training at least 122 field epidemiologists. The didactic training for cohort 7 is expected to start on February 26, 2024.

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