AFENET Lab Team Recognized as CDC Global TB Elimination Champions for Innovations in Uganda

In an exciting development for the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the AFENET Lab team in Uganda has been selected as one of CDC’s 2024 Global TB Elimination Champions.

This recognition comes as a result of their pioneering work in implementing the TB Clinic-Lab Interface Continuous Quality Improvement (CLICQ!) program, in collaboration with the Uganda Ministry of Health (MOH).

The TB CLICQ! Uganda team, comprising members from AFENET and the National TB Leprosy Program, has been at the forefront of addressing challenges within the TB testing cascade. Their efforts have not only been instrumental in improving TB diagnostics and treatment but have also received funding support from CDC HQ through AFENET.

The announcement couldn’t have come at a better time, as the world observes World TB Day 2024. This recognition underscores the renewed commitment towards global TB elimination and highlights the significance of collaborative efforts in combating the disease.

Each year, on World TB Day, CDC recognizes outstanding individuals and teams for their contributions to TB elimination efforts. This year, the AFENET Lab team joins a prestigious list of Global TB Elimination Champions, including institutions and individuals from various countries such as Tanzania, India, and Thailand.

Certificates of recognition have been awarded to the champions, showcasing their dedication and innovative approaches in the fight against TB.

On this World TB Day, the spotlight shines on the collective efforts of organizations and individuals working tirelessly to prevent, diagnose, and treat TB worldwide.

The recognition of the AFENET Lab team serves as a reminder of the progress made and the challenges that lie ahead in the global fight against TB.

Congratulations to the AFENET Lab team for their well-deserved recognition as CDC Global TB Elimination Champions.

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