Completed Projects

COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction in Ghana

Funder: Taskforce for Global Health

Project period: 9 April 2021 to 29 September 2021.


Ghana completed the first phase of a multi-phase national COVID-19 immunization campaign. Phase one covered just over 300,000 persons in three (of 10 total regions). The purpose of the project was to request funding to provide technical assistance and material support to the Government of Ghana to implement a COVID-19 vaccination program as described in the National Vaccine Deployment Plan (NVDP).


  • To support the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) and Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) to implement the NVDP
  • To provide tools and human resources to collect data on behavioural and social barriers to vaccine uptake among HCWs and the general population 
  • To provide support to improve documentation of vaccinations, second-dose reminders, data management SOPs and guidance, and data analysis plans 
  • To support refresher training to fill gaps identified through rapid training needs assessments and intra-action reviews 
  • To strengthen passive and enhanced AEFI surveillance through support to train healthcare worker’s providers in AEFI surveillance and response, provision of human resources for monitoring of vaccination teams, and development of data analysis plans
  • To provide protocols, training, and human resources to implement focused coverage surveys among target populations or geographic areas that have traditionally had low immunization coverage. 


  • KAP Survey completed and report was shared
  • Coverage survey completed and report shared
  • SOPs and protocols for AEFI Data analysis plan were developed and shared
  • The revised National Vaccine Deployment plan was finalized and submitted
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