Mozambique FETP supports floods response in Maputo Province

FETP residents collecting data during a flood response in several accommodation centers in Maputo

On February 13, 2023, seven Mozambique FETP residents and graduates from the advanced and frontline programs were integrated into the Maputo Province Emergency Response Team to support the ongoing flooding in the province. The team, accompanied by local health workers and the public health officers from the ministry of health, conducted a risk assessment in 14 accommodation centers in Maputo.

The team also conducted a survey to assess chronic diseases among the displaced population, collected and analyzed daily epidemiological data on suspected priority diseases and conditions under surveillance. These included malaria, diarrhea, fever, flaccid acute paralysis, measles, acute respiratory infection, and trauma in the accommodation centers and in the reference health units in the affected areas.

The southern region of Mozambique was affected by heavy rains which caused widespread flooding and structural damage, particularly in Maputo City and Maputo province in February 2023. It is estimated that more than 43,400 people were affected by flooding. An estimated 16,000 people were displaced and 10 fatalities were reported as of 17 February 2023. The main food harvest that runs from March to May in southern and central Mozambique might be affected as more than 71,000 hectares of cropland have been flooded.

Flooded Road, Mozambique FETP epidemiologists and health staff heading to an accommodation center in Maputo
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