Ongoing Projects

Supporting Africa CDC in operationalizing the Partnership for African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM)

Funder: BMGF

Project period: 10 November 2021 to 22 November 2023


Following the launch of the Pan African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM), in April 2021, PAVM has already achieved buy-in across major regional and international groups, and needs to be capacitated to execute on their clearly articulated ambitions. The secretariat needs rapid funding to complete hiring processes and initiate key processes and tool acquisition. PAVM is uniquely positioned to advance this agenda, with the strong endorsement and backing of both the African Union and the Africa CDC. Specifically, the project will fund the recruitment of two Senior Analysts and one Technical Officer Communications in addition to the positions’ related project costs, supporting technical consultancies, and quarterly site assessment visits to key countries.


  • To contribute towards attainment of the goal of ensuring reliable, sustainable, sufficient supply of key vaccines, specifically by enhancing the CMC partner ecosystem. 
  • To facilitate and contribute towards building capacity for regional manufacturing to advance vaccine equity and pandemic preparedness.

Expected outcome(s):

  1. Supporting the staffing of the PAVM Secretariat through the successful recruitment of two Senior Analysts and one Technical Officer Communications
  2. Completing site assessments for vaccine manufacturing facilities in 3 key countries
  3. Conducting detailed regulatory assessments of Regulatory National Agencies of key vaccine manufacturing countries to identify a clear path to improve the maturity of the RNA in 5-6 selected countries.
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